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he's all we had hoped for and much more..............

 Dear Sievers: It's been almost a year now since we'd gotten our handsome, kind-hearted Yellow Lab, Maddox...and needless to say, he's all (Labrador) that we had hoped for and much more. Now at 80 lbs and letting his (Labrador) puppy behavior shine, he still may have a few more things to learn to live up to our Yellow Lab, Nick, who had passed away a year ago, but Maddox has filled a hole in our hearts that we thought may never be filled again. Thank you for making that possible. We love him dearly. -The Pettini Family
St. Louis Cardinals-Joe Pettini- 

I am without a single disappointment....

My 53 lb. Sievers pup is outstanding and beyond his young age in wisdom and gentleness. Charlie has grown quite robust, easy going, intuitive, protective, physically appealing and has been given 2 stellar bills-of-health by his vet. A companion of extraordinary value, he is stout, short nosed, thick boned and has a beautiful yellow coat. I am without a single disappointment. He exemplifies everything I wanted in a dog (pup) and I see many great years ahead. I strongly recommend Sievers' dogs to good homes. I thank Gina and Gary for their help and for holding on to Charlie for me. Best wishes.
Andy Burns - St. Louis, Mo 

Bailey has been training for 2 months now and is excelling in her training......

 Bailey is 7 1/2 months old now. She is a very happy and intelligent girl.  Bailey was chosen to train in Search and Rescue, more specifically as an HRD (Human Remains Detection) dog.  Sievers Kennels was highly recommended as a quality breeder.   Gary and Gina were accommodating and allowed us to take several hours of their day to evaluate multiple pups to find the one with just the right qualities.  Bailey has been training for 2 months now and is excelling in her training.  Our goal is to be certified in Land HRD by spring of 2019.

 Derek H., SAR K9 CO-OP, Inc., Fairview Heights, IL

As a veterinarian and a waterfowl enthusiast,


 As a veterinarian and a waterfowl enthusiast, I have often been asked where to look for quality Labradors. My first answer for many years has been to go to Gary and Gina Sievers and look at their dogs and puppies. Usually their search ends there. Their ability to screen for type, temperament, and health is evident in their dogs. I always tell people to at least go look.
Art Lippoldt-DVM - Alton, IL 

What I've noticed most about their breeding program is ......

 Sievers Kennels (Gary & Regina) do an excellent job in breeding. Their pups are calm, and intelligent with the desire to please and retrieve. What I've noticed most about their breeding program is their continued dedication to produce healthy well mannered retrievers.
Ghrist Veterinary Clinic, Steve Nash DVM. 

Runs across home plate......

 Golden Retriever:"Pooches In The Park" St Louis Cardinals "Busch Stadium" Chill a golden retriever, runs across home plate with a baseball in his mouth to give owner Kirk Pound during the First Fetch pre-game event.
Kirk Pound, O'Fallon MO 

The quality of dogs that they have are unsurpassed......


I am an equine trainer and dog trainer. I have had the opportunity to own and train 6 different dogs from Sievers Kennels over the past 10 years. The quality of dogs that they have are unsurpassed with excellent bloodlines, conformation, discipline and health. The quality only gets better and better with time. My most recent dog has by far been the easiest to train and smartest dog yet. She has excelled in the obedience field and our goal is to earn a Utility Dog Title. Keep up the good work Sievers Kennels and I cant wait to train more of your horses and dogs! Debra & Tylyn Dever Litchfield, IL

Debbie & Tylyn Dever-Litchfield, IL

Everyone who sees Maggie says she is gorgeous.


Maggie is a beautiful one-year-old! We love her and returns the love tenfold. I'm sure you already figured out from the photo of Maggie and Mike on the couch, that she is just a bit spoiled. She has lots of character, personality and attitude. Mike took her hunting twice and has been very pleased with her. Until recently the weather was not the best for pheasant and Mike is excited about taking her again. She shows much more discipline that the 4 or 5 year olds which have joined the hunt. Everyone who sees Maggie says she is gorgeous. Her disposition is friendly and she particularly likes children. She love to swim in the pond and doesn't care about the cold.

Mike and Betty Harberts, Middletown, IL

"I could tell that is a Siever's dog". You have a great reputation.


My name is Mary Jo Woodcock. My fiancee John and I purchased a Golden from you on April 9th. We just thought you would like to know she is the most precious dog in the world. Not to mention very very smart and exceptionally beautiful!!! We took her to Christianson's puppy school as you suggested and she did well. It's amazing how many people are familiar with Sievers!! I can't even count how many people have even said "I could tell that is a Siever's dog". You have a great reputation. We may take a road trip soon so you can see how well our CallieMae is doing. Keep up the good work and continued success........

Mary Jo Woodcock and John Buckley

“We could not be happier or more pleased with our fun-loving Bo!


“We could not be happier or more pleased with our fun-loving Bo. Almost 8 months old now, he is adjusting well

to Marco Island life.. swimming laps in our pool every day, relaxing in the hot tub with us, taking boat rides out to the Gulf of Mexico to walk along

the beautiful white sandy beaches.  Loves playing in the waves in the gulf and swimming with other dogs on Sunday afternoon at “party beach”. 

His gentle spirt, kind nature and desire to please has quickly made him the center of our family. I don’t think he wants to come back to Brussels!

Stephen A. Daniel, D.V.M.

Marco island, Florida

And why anyone would settle for a pup from anywhere other than Sievers......

Deuce is the second yellow lab our family has bought from Sievers. He is a great pup and has already claimed his place in the household. Why anyone would buy anything other than a retriever, I just can't explain. And why anyone would settle for a pup from anywhere other than Sievers, I’ll never understand. Gary and Regina have an outstanding kennel. They care about their dogs and their dog's prospective families, and they're willing to help with the puppy experience in anyway that they can. To me, all of this is the perfect pedigree for a great pup.

We love him to death.

Thank you for taking the to time explain the pros and cons for neutering Boomer. He underwent the knife this morning. Ouch! The vet recommended that we did not attempt to remove his dew claws since they are fully developed and it would cause him much pain and scaring. We did not. As I told you on the phone, Boomer was a puppy from Lucy's litter and we purchased him on 6 January. Three days later, Boomer and I drove from St. Louis to San Diego Ca. with absolutely no problems. We took our time, frequent breaks and we did not have one accident the entire way. This is a picture of Boomer at three and a half months old. He has been a wonderful puppy and very smart. At about the same age, 3 1/2 months, he learned to retrieve our newspaper, which he does each morning. He quickly learned to walk on his leash, sit, stay, and down. He retrieves just about anything...sometimes good sometimes bad, but whatever goes into his mouth is quickly delivered to my wife or myself. We love him to death.
Rick & Janet Lorch